Frequently Asked Questions

This is as simple as it gets. All you need is a Google account with access to Google Drive (previously known as Google Spreadsheets).

When you sign up, we’ll link you to a spreadsheet template which you can pull into your account and make your own.

Because of some of the more advanced formulas and functions available in Google Drive, we’ve been able to give you some insignful analytics.

With Spreadsheet CRM, you’ll be able to see the type of titles that are in your Leads, the stages in your Opportunity pipeline and even the total value of all of your deals.

We’ll also help you track your last touch with each lead and opportunity and automatically remind you when you should next follow up with them.


When you put in someone’s name, company and email address, we’ll automatically generate a search link for you which will link you directly to the person’s LinkedIn profile 99% of the time.

The easist way we can answer this is by saying: “It’s just a spreadsheet.”

Once you install the template, you’ll feel right at home and all the fields that you should be tracking around your Leads and Opportunities will be there for you.

Spreadsheet CRM is completely FREE.
If you’re looking to track multiple custom fields, have a custom workflow and need to share and coordinate your sales pipeline with multiple people, CRMs are great and worth the cost.

If it’s just you, start with this simple and free solution; close your first million dollars of business, and then upgrade to the fancy stuff.

Community Support

Spreadsheet CRM is supported through the community in our LinkedIn group.